Secrets from the Macintyres Showroom

Macintyres Edinburgh Jewellers showroom

If our showroom walls could talk, they would have fabulous stories to tell! Macintyres has been in business for more than 20 years and thousands of customers have passed through our doors, yet we still hear gasps of delight when people see the enormous size of our showroom and the treasure trove of stunning jewellery within. “We expected it to be much smaller” is the usual cry. It’s actually the biggest jewellery showroom in Scotland and, not just in our opinion, by far the best.

Throughout the years, thousands of customers have discovered their dream engagement ring or perfect gift. We have watched our customers’ lives unfold as they celebrate engagements, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and many more special occasions. Our customers often feel as if they are part of our family and we feel part of theirs.

Macintyres Jewellers Showroom

The Macintyres showroom was specially designed by its owners, Steve and Gaynor Turner, to offer customers a luxurious shopping experience. Our only regret is that we have such a huge range of stock that we cannot possibly display every single gorgeous piece. The showroom’s design was made to include maximum display space without feeling overcrowded. As a result, we are able to beautifully display about two thirds of our vast collection. If you don’t see what you are looking for, always ask one of our friendly staff members. It’s likely we have what you’re looking for behind the counter!

One of our favourite features of our showroom is the diamond dome, a huge 35 foot wide glass dome that floods our diamond display area with gorgeous natural light. Bright enhancing lights in a jewellery store can sometimes make an item appear as if it has more sparkle than it really does. At Macintyres, our diamonds are such high quality that they don’t need to be enhanced by special lighting. When a diamond leaves our showroom, it will always look just as stunning as it did in the store.

Macintyres Diamond Dome

Many of our staff members have worked at Macintyres for many years and consider the showroom a second home. We made sure to create a space that enables our team to be safe and productive. For example, the area behind the counter is large enough for staff members to easily pass one another while carrying large trays full of stock. This area also contains packaging drawers, which hold the all-important complimentary Macintyres chocolates close to hand.

We also have numerous work benches behind the counter that are shielded from a customer’s line of vision. This allows staff members to ticket items, track orders and open mail without distracting customers or taking away from the showroom aesthetic.

There may be a lot happening behind the counter, but our showroom is designed with customer service in mind. No matter where our staff are located in the showroom, they can always spot a customer arriving and make sure that they are welcomed and helped as soon as they are ready.


Unlike most jewellers, the Macintyres showroom is large enough to host a number of exciting events. From wedding shows to Christmas parties, our showroom is often transformed into a fabulous party venue. We are excited to be debuting our new colour changing dome lights at our next wedding show, so be sure to sign up to our guest list – champagne is always on the guest list too!


Finally, did you know you can step inside our showroom online? The following is a screen capture from Google Maps. If you search for our shop’s location at 26 Frederick Street, Edinburgh, you can take a peek at our lovely showroom! But honestly, the best way to see the showroom is in person, so pop in and experience it for yourself! And while you’re here, why not take advantage of our free ring cleaning and setting checking service.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 5.01.42 PM

The next time you visit the Macintyres showroom, we hope you feel a little more at home. It truly is a dazzling place, and not just because of all the diamonds! Come see us soon x

Dimaond girl

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