How to Plan the Perfect Overseas Proposal

Overseas Proposal will you marry me

Proposing overseas is a grand, romantic gesture – unless the ring was lost in your hold luggage. Here are 7 tips to help you pull off the perfect overseas proposal.

Overseas Proposal will you marry me

Pack the ring properly. Packing the ring in your hold luggage is too much of a risk in case it gets lost; you can buy a replacement bathing suit, but not a replacement engagement ring. Pack the ring in your carry on luggage, and make sure to keep it inside the box so it is properly protected. Consider placing the box in a sock or somewhere your partner won’t accidentally look.

Plan for airport security. Unless you want to pop the question in the airport, prepare to stealthily get your ring through security. Be very diligent about removing electronics, liquids and other banned items in order to avoid a bag search. In case a random search does occur, tape a note to the outside of the ring box that says “Engagement ring. Please keep secret” – most likely the staff will be discreet!

Consider the weather. Travelling often means you are exposed to different climates, so take that into account when planning your romantic proposal. A violently windy hilltop, freezing cold ski resort, or rainy beach may take away from the moment. There are plenty of beautiful proposal spots in every city, so be flexible and have multiple scenarios in mind.

Book a photographer. The city you propose in will always have a special meaning in your relationship, so imagine having it as the backdrop of your engagement photos. Do some research and book a photographer in the area for a day or two after your proposal. Your partner will be seriously impressed that you had the foresight to plan an engagement photo shoot! 

Buy a calling card. It may be the norm to change your Facebook status as soon as you get engaged, but you will want to break the news to your close friends and family in a more personal way. It can be difficult to get in touch when you’re overseas, so have a calling card ready or add long-distance minutes to your mobile phone. Again, your partner will be touched by the foresight and excited to share the happy news.

Don’t wear the ring. Don’t worry, it’s usually okay to wear the ring! But if it’s too big, resist wearing it so it doesn’t slip off and get lost. You should also avoid getting the ring sized while you are away; not only are you less likely to know of a reputable jewellers, but your finger size may be altered by the climate of the city you are visiting.

Buy the ring before you leave. It may seem romantic to buy an engagement ring while on holiday, but it is often more trouble than it is worth. A gorgeous ring is an investment, and over the years you will want to have it re-sized and revalued, as well as get any loose settings or missing stones repaired. It is best to return to the shop where you purchased the ring in order to address any issues, which is difficult to do if you bought it on holiday. Additionally, you cannot always guarantee that you are receiving the quality you pay for, and by the time you get home, there is not much you can do about fake stones or hollow metal. By choosing a reputable shop close to home, you are guaranteed a top quality product with convenient service in the future.

We hope you feel prepared to pop the question overseas! Good luck, and don’t forget that a stunning engagement ring from Macintyres makes any proposal even better.

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