How to (Secretly) Find Out Her Ring Size

how to secretly find her finger size

You know she’s the one, but do you know her ring size? We’ve seen a few gents panic when we mention sizing – after all, you don’t want her to say “yes” and then have to wear a gorgeous diamond ring on her pinky finger! But there’s no need to worry; here are some clever ways to figure out your girlfriend’s ring size.

Know What You’re Looking For
Just a heads up: rings don’t come in small, medium and large. In the UK, ring size is referred to by a letter of the alphabet, typically between I to O for ladies. Before trying to figure out your partner’s size, read up on how ring sizing works so that you know exactly what information you are after.Diamond Solitaire Engagement RingsTalk To Her Loved Ones
Your partner’s friends and family can be a great resource for finding out her ring size – just make sure you choose someone who can keep a secret! If no one close to your partner knows her size, it’s time to get crafty. Ask one of her married friends to find an excuse for your partner to try on her ring. Or, if one of her friends is in a committed relationship and considering marriage, get her to invite your partner ring shopping under the pretence of “offering her opinion.” Questions about rings will seem less suspicious coming from one of her girlfriends than from you!Art Deco Style Engagement RingsTake Her Shopping
If there’s a special occasion coming up, pretend you are buying a dress ring for your mother or sister. Ask your partner to come along and get her to try on various rings, all while paying close attention to which ones fit best. Later on, you can return to the shop and ask for clarification on the size. If it’s in your budget, you can even buy your girlfriend a dress ring for a birthday or anniversary, and use the opportunity to discover her exact size.
Three Stone Diamond Rings

Raid Her Jewellery Box
If your partner already wears rings, wait for the perfect moment to snag one and bring it to our shop to be measured. If you can’t get away with removing a ring from the house, tracing the inner circumference of the ring will at least provide a basic idea. Be careful, however; ring size varies depending on the width of the band and which finger it’s on, so take note of these points.Halo Engagement RingsAsk The Right Questions
Even if you do your best detective work, you might not figure out her exact size, especially since ring size does change slightly throughout the seasons. It’s also important to keep in mind that no shop will carry every ring in every size, so often you have to purchase the size that is in stock. But if you have your heart set on a surprise proposal, don’t fret – just make sure you ask about the sizing process before making a purchase. At Macintyres, we tell you upfront how complex it is to size each ring and approximately how long the process will take. We also offer a complimentary first sizing, so you and your new fiancée can pop into the shop and have your gorgeous ring professionally sized free of charge.

We hope this has inspired you to figure out her ring size, but don’t stress too much! We can always size a ring; as long as you two are the perfect fit, that’s what matters most.


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