From the Workshop to the Northern Lights: The Story of a Diamond Ring

Every Macintyres diamond ring follows an amazing journey, from miles beneath the earth’s surface to a lucky lady’s ring finger. We love being part of this journey and sharing in our customers’ wonderful engagement stories. Sometimes, we’re even lucky enough to help design the ring. Using state of the art equipment and years of expertise, we create gorgeous bespoke pieces that bring to life the ring of your dreams. Here’s an in-depth look at the whole process, featuring a beautiful diamond ring and one of our favourite proposals.


Step 1 We start by selecting a dazzling stone. Our certified gemmologists can source diamonds and gemstones depending on your preference and budget. In this case, our customer Jack chose a stunning cushion cut center diamond and matching pear shaped side diamonds. Then, using cutting edge technology, we start to design the setting. Even at this initial stage, our team can tell which designs will not only look gorgeous, but will also endure years of everyday wear. We combine our expertise with your vision to create a detailed 3D image of the ring.



Step 2 Next, we create an intricate and perfectly proportionate wax cast. This allows us to examine every angle of the ring and ensure it is flawless before moving forward with the design. It also allows our customer to see an exact replica of the ring in case they wish to make any final tweaks.


Step 3 Once every detail of the design is perfected and approved, we cast the ring in the appropriate metal. For this particular ring, our customer Jack chose platinum, the hardest and purest metal.


Step 4 Next, the stones are expertly set and the metal is polished to a glossy finish.


Step 5 Once the ring has been quality checked and meets our high standards, we give it a stamp of approval – the Macintyres hallmark. And voila! A stunning diamond ring deserving of an ‘I Do.’ 232323232-fp83232-uqcshlukaxroqdfv6978=ot-273;=-;6=;4-=364--;6-5934-nu0mrj

Once the ring leaves our showroom in its lovely box, the rest is up to the customer! In this case, Jack planned a remarkable proposal that impressed our whole team. He knew that his girlfriend, Megan, had always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights. So he booked a surprise trip to Tromso, Norway and then drove the two of them to the enchanting Jukkasjarvi IceHotel, just outside of Kiruna, Sweden.

1 7

Just as the breathtaking Northern Lights began to dance across the sky, Jack got down on one knee to propose. You won’t be the least bit surprised to hear that Megan said Yes! Huge congrats to the happy couple – we cannot think of a more romantic setting. And we are thrilled to have helped Jack design such a stunning ring for his fiancée. 6 5  34

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the journey of a Macintyres ring. We love every step of the process, from the design to the proposal, and we are honoured to play a part in so many wonderful stories. If you want to design a bespoke piece, then don’t hesitate to pop into Macintyres – we can’t wait to bring your vision to life!

Dimaond girl

2 Responses

  1. Alexis Spruce

    I have inherited a number of my Mum’s rings and wondered if you carried out a re design service where I could get one or two redisgned to suit myself ?


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