Choosing Your Wedding Band: Size Does Matter

wedding ring buying guide

Wedding rings ukIt can be a bit daunting to choose the size of your wedding band – after all, you will be wearing it for a lifetime. When you come into Macintyres, our experienced staff will help you determine the perfect size for the utmost comfort and safety. If you are ordering your wedding band from our website, then you can request a FREE Multisizer Ring Gauge to accurately size your own finger. To learn more about finding the right fit, watch our video demonstrating a professional ring sizing and read our tips below.

Top tips for finding the right fit:

  • During the winter, our shop is toasty warm compared to the blustery weather outside, which may cause your hands to swell when you enter the showroom. Keep in mind that shifts in your body temperature will affect the size of your fingers; heat will make them enlarge and cold will make them retract. Rather than choosing a size that is just tight enough or just loose enough, make sure you have some leeway so that you feel secure in any climate.
  • Even if the entire circumference of a wedding band is touching your finger, it does not guarantee it is secure. When sliding a ring onto your finger, you want there to be a wee struggle over the knuckle; this ensures the ring is not too lose and will not slip off, but still allows you to safely remove it should you need to.
  • Most of our customers are surprised to learn that finger size is not fixed. The wider a wedding band, the more skin it will displace and the tighter it will feel around your finger. For example, a 2mm band in a size L will fit looser than a 4mm band in a size L, so you may require a different size depending on your preferred width. For women who plan to wear their wedding band flush against their engagement ring, consider the extra width created by the two rings together; it is not uncommon to order your wedding band in a slightly larger size than your engagement ring.
  • Don’t panic if you try on a ring that is too small – if it goes on, it will come off. When removing a ring that is too tight, never try to twist it off. Instead, wiggle it along your finger while keeping your hands as relaxed as possible; this makes your fingers more malleable and allows the ring to slide off.
  • The size of your fingers may vary slightly from your right hand to the left. When measuring your ring size, always use the exact finger on which you will be wearing your wedding band.
  • Your finger size may change over the years, in which case we are happy to send your ring to one of our workshops to be resized. When purchasing a ring, our staff can tell you about the process for getting it resized, as it can vary from item to item. For example, a diamond set or fancy wedding band can be a bit trickier to resize than a plain band. Either way, our knowledgeable staff will provide you with the various options for resizing your individual ring, and we can guarantee a high-quality sizing at a low price.

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