Nicola & Richard: A Macintyres Proposal

Flash Mob Proposal

Macintyres took part in a very special event on Saturday evening. Nicola Grenfell thought she and her boyfriend, Richard Claxton, were simply out for a nice dinner at the Edinburgh Omni Centre when she received the surprise of a lifetime. Earlier in the year, Richard came into Macintyres to purchase a specially commissioned G colour, 1 carat princess cut diamond engagement ring in platinum; a stunning and classic choice.


But Richard wanted to do more than just get down on one knee; he organised for the Scottish Rockettes to break into a surprise flash mob dance routine just as he and Nicola entered the Omni Centre. The couple watched from the centre of a growing crowd as the Rockettes danced to songs from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, Nicola’s favourite show. Halfway through the performance, Richard suddenly tossed his jacket to the side and jumped onto the dance floor, joining in with the choreographed routine.

The Rockettes break into dance! You can see Richard and Nicola watching in the background – they are standing to the left of the girl in the green jacket. Photographer: Elina Karadzhova;

For the grand finale, he pulled a shocked, beaming Nicola onto the dance floor just as a banner descended from the second-floor balcony, featuring the words ‘Nicola Will You Marry Me?’ and a shout-out to Macintyres. Nicola’s friends and family, who had been hiding on the second floor, were finally able to gather round as Richard got down on one knee to propose.

Spoiler alert – she said YES! 😉

Photographer: Elina Karadzhova;
Photographer: Elina Karadzhova;

You can watch a snippet of the performance below.

We are so thrilled to have been able to share in such an incredible night for Richard and Nicola. From everyone at Macintyres, we want to offer huge congratulations to the happy couple – we’ll see you soon for those wedding rings!

Dimaond girl

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